• In 2009, we created Unique Kidz and Co to make sure that our own children’s needs were met and to provide a service for others like them. We spent two years researching how to run a business, talking to parents, and attending courses to provide us with childcare and business knowledge.

    This community of support for disabled children started in one of our kitchen’s, Jane’s, and it kept growing as we grew in activities we provide. We now deliver our service to more than 130 children and young adults in our own building.

    Our centre in Morecambe offers support activities, play, and social time – we also know that everyone is unique and that one size doesn’t fit all. Our OFSTED registered childcare services for disabled children and their families offers the support and the activities needed for your unique children. Since 2016, we’ve expanded our service to young adults from 16-25 years old with 4Ever Unique.