Great North Run – Stefan’s Story

Stefan, one of our sibling support workers is part of this year’s Team Unique at the Great North Run! We asked him about why he took on the challenge and what he’s looking forward to most!

What is your role at Unique Kidz and Co?

I work as a support worker with the siblings group at Unique Kidz and Co. We organize monthly activities, including a youth club session and a fun day out. Unique Kidz provides vital opportunities for siblings of young people with disabilities to share experiences and enjoy time for themselves.

Why did you choose to take on the Great North Run for Unique Kidz and Co?

I love challenges, and running for Unique Kidz, a local charity close to my heart, is one of the best. This year marks my third Great North Run, an event that captivates you with its magic and the enthusiastic Geordies who cheer you on, offering water, sweets, beer, and love along the way.

How is training going and what are you looking forward to about the race?

I’ve been training for four weeks, covering 94 miles and reaching a distance of 9 miles so far. With another eight weeks of training ahead, I’m focused on getting race-ready. I travel to the event on the St John’s Hospice coach, meeting wonderful people supporting various charities, which is truly heartwarming.

How has your fundraising journey been so far?

Fundraising has been going well, and I’ve noticed that the most generous donors are often those with the least disposable income—truly kind-hearted, salt-of-the-earth individuals.

What would you say to anyone considering the Great North Run or fundraising for Unique Kidz?

If you ever get the chance to run the Great North Run, do it. Train hard, secure a spot with Unique Kidz, and let the Geordies’ humor and kindness carry you over the finish line.

See more of Stefan’s journey and sponsor him here. 

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