Why choosing to buy second-hand clothes is great for the environment!

Browsing through charity chops or online stores like eBay and Depop has long been a great way to save some money when buying new-to-you clothes and accessories, but money isn’t all that being thrifty can save. Now more than ever people are trying to make our world more sustainable. Buying second-hand clothes is a great way to help protect the environment.

Unfortunately, the world of fast fashion, bargains at big name stores and season after season of new clothes adds some serious damage to the environment. But by buying second-hand, we can reduce waste, protect our natural resources and more. Second-hand, or preloved is no longer musty clothes at the back of wardrobes, but vibrant, unique items that are often in better condition than many preconceive. Here are some sustainable advantages that can be gained by buying second-hand items.

Reducing waste and pollution.

Unfortunately, new clothing often means that manufacturers are creating pollution that is very toxic to animals, people and the environment. Clothing companies are particularly responsible for producing large amounts of carbon emissions and toxic dyes that are used to turn fabric into different colours. People often throw away items they no longer want to wear into landfills, where they will remain for many hundreds of years.

Conserves energy.

By shopping secondhand, we can reduce the need for more clothes. This in turn reduces how much energy is needed by the factories and the manufacturing process. Some producers use renewable energy, but most companies and factories have not yet made the switch. Also, it takes a lot of energy – and produces a lot more carbon emissions – to transport the clothes from the factories to our shops in  the UK.


Protects natural resources.

Factories use water, oil, wood and other natural resources whilst making clothes. Unfortunately most of these resources are non-renewable or they take a long time to renew. Even acquiring the renewable resources can harm wildlife, ecosystems and the environment. By choosing preloved items, we can reduce the need for new clothes and the harvest of more materials.


So there are three of the reasons why purchasing secondhand items is good for the world! The next time you think about sprucing up your wardrobe, consider coming to a clothes swap event – your old clothes won’t end up in landfill and your new clothes will require no more natural resources or energy! Win, Win, Win!

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