Education Law Clinics with Lancaster University Students

Starting on Wednesday 14th November, students from Lancaster University will be hosting weekly Education Law Clinics at Unique Kidz and Co offering parents and carers who use our service free legal advice. The sessions will run from 10am to 12pm during our weekly Stay and Play Sessions.

How the law clinic works

Our law students work in pairs and interview a client. They then research the issue and provide written advice (within 14 days of the appointment). All work is supervised by an Education Law Solicitor. Unfortunately, they cannot take on full cases but they are able to provide initial advice and if necessary, sign post to an appropriate firm of solicitors/appropriate organisation. Ideally, parents needing advice will sign up for an appointment at Unique Kidz and Co (ensuring that the students can dedicate the required time to each person). This also means that the students can consider any paperwork in advance of the meeting.

Areas that we can advise upon

  • Special Educational Needs
  • School Admissions
  • School Exclusions
  • Bullying
  • Elective Home Education
  • Complaints including to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman or Education and Skills Funding Agency (EFA)
  • Home to School Transport
  • General School Attendance Responsibilities
  • Disability Discrimination

Along with this, we can also provide ‘Education, Health and Care Plan Healthchecks’ and provide written advice on whether the contents of the EHCP are enforceable/whether the Plan has been lawfully drafted.

Please note, areas that the students do not cover are

  • Non-attendance proceedings
  • Student/Higher Education including Student Finance
  • Once Judicial Review proceedings have been instigated
  • Educational Negligence (once claim issued)
  • Advising Schools or Local Authorities

As a result, the students cannot:

  • Write to the ‘other side’
  • Attend meetings or represent you at court/tribunal
  • Complete any paperwork for court/tribunal
  • Advise if you have already instructed another solicitor/legal advisor
  • Guarantee that they can advise you (but will always try to refer to another specialist if able)


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